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The Art of the Customer Complaint
Travelpro luggage story
Categories: Letter, Misc Products
Rating 3.00 out of 5

After several attempts to get a response online and on the phone, this letter was submitted to the ‘Travel Story’ section of the Travelpro luggage website:

My Travel Story: I travel a lot and wanted a bag that would survive.  I bought a Platinum 5 garments-to-go and took it to China .  When the wheels failed, I literally had to drag the thing around China .  I was not your biggest fan while on that trip.  I sent the bag for repairs.  It took forever but I got it back.  “OK, I’ll try again,” I said to myself.  This week I’m in Europe (I’m emailing during my trip).  Guess what?!  The wheels are acting like big rubber erasers again!  I wrote a letter that I sent with the first repair (emailed it to you as well) explaining that the garments-to-go design, in my humble but well-traveled opinion, is perhaps not your best effort.  

I’m making one last appeal for you set this straight and no, I don’t mean sharing custody of the thing while your (slow) subcontractors wait for parts.  I’m hoping a marketing person eventually gets this and realizes that a dissatisfied customer will cost you more than my next, singular luggage purchase.  All my colleagues travel a lot, too.  And we talk about luggage more than you might think.  Sometimes we talk about how it doesn’t arrive (airline problem).  Lately I’ve been talking about how when mine arrives, I have to pretend like the wheels are providing some kind of mechanical advantage.

Anyway, if your company gives a damn, I’d appreciate trading for a #9622/black.  If you don’t like that idea and can’t think of any other way to put me out of my misery, then I’ll just consider it a lesson learned and I’ll donate the bag to a charity.  I think it would be ironic if a homeless person ended up with it and got rid of it for the same reason I did, don’t you?

How’s that for a travel story?  I guess I’m kind of daring you fix this situation, aren’t I?  Then we can travel together.  

Feel free to call, email, send smoke signals…whatever.  I’d be pleasantly surprised to hear from you.  And if you do…well, my colleagues and I also talk about companies that take care of their customers (since fewer and fewer are these days).

Thanks for your time.  This is all you’re getting of mine.

A jetlagged, punchy but otherwise not unreasonable,

Hans Fuller

Less than 24 hours later, the following response was received:

 Mr. Fuller,   We accept your dare.  More seriously, we will make your situation right.  I am copying Marianne Cavaliere, our head of Customer Service and she (or someone from her team) will be in contact with you today or tomorrow at the latest.   Here is what we will do (with your agreement):

1.     We will provide you with the requested 9622 Black (at no charge to you).

2.     We would like to repair (one more time) your Garments-To-Go (also at no charge to you of course). 

Travelpro values all of our customers and will work as hard to repair this loss of confidence, as we would get new customers.

Also – please feel free to contact me at any time in the future if you should experience anything less that exceptional service from our company.

Stew Sherman

Vice President, Marketing